Thursday, 17 December 2015

Christmas comes but once a year, but, but, but... it comes in waves...

No, I don't much like Christmas. Commercialism, memories, triggers, cold weather, dreadful television offerings, the horrible bustle and jingle and racket in any shop, from November onward, battering it home to you that you should BE MERRY, OKAY!!??

However, I do have a weakness for Christmas as portrayed in ephemera from times past. Not because I hanker for the 1890s or 1980s, but because of the design and print qualities of cards from the last century and more, and their comic inventiveness.

I have been tweeting some 'Vintage Christmas' cards (why the brackets? because I fecking loathe how 'Vintage' is used to indicate 'Retro', or indeed anything about a year old, which isn't modernist, that's why. Yrs, Wrath.) and thought I might as well post them here, too, for anyone who still follows this blog - sorry I'm here so infrequently - or who stumbles across it  - welcome, stranger!

As far as I'm aware these images are copyright free, and most were culled from Pinterest or from American University Digital Archives, or from eBay type sites where such things are sold for anything from €1 to £20 a pop. If you want to borrow some, for non-commercial purposes, feel free, but don't blame me if you get hauled up by the art-theft police.

Merry Whatsit to You.

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