Monday, 20 February 2012

NOTHING - a limited edition mini-book

I have a story-poem or poem-story, or dream-poem-story-type-thing that doesn't seem to fit into a category anyone in the world of Real Publishing would be interested in, but I rather like it, so over the past few weeks I've been playing with layouts and templates and have now assembled it into a miniature book. (Pages 2 to 9 are text, 1 is front & 10 is back cover)

It's called NOTHING and I'm making a limited edition of 25. They're cut, folded, glued, assembled by hand, numbered & tied with a piece of ribbon. Each one is subtly different due to the folding and glueing process, my aptitude on the day, and the ribbon I find in my sewing basket.

Some I will give to friends & fellow writers but I might also offer a few to Twitter followers. 

NOTHING begins: A young man walked into a large, empty, white, windowless room, and wondered that it was that made him so restless (the absence of shadows, perhaps; the source of its light, or the silence within?)...

And the last word is: nothing.