Monday, 19 November 2012

things that get lost in time and space

I was looking online today for a piece I wrote which had something to do with reviewing, but couldn't remember when it had been written, what the title was, and so forth... and it prompted the thought that 1) I must revamp my old website which is a static, rather dated looking thing (but I can't afford to pay anyone to do it right now, which is why I began using this easy blog template...) and 2) that perhaps I should pull together a list of some of my online stuff before I forget what they are, or were, and list them for future reference, instead of each time having to google myself (an act of insanity & sometimes humiliation).

So.. here's a start

- essay: 'The Book Reviewer's Tale' which I was asked to write by Anora McGaha 
- essay/reading guide: on Scottish Comic Writing for
- essay: 'Stories From The Dressing-Up Box' about the Little Black Dress anthology (2006)

- story 'First Catch Your Poet' in the Scottish Arts Council online archive (pub 2009)
- story 'Mae West Optional' in The Guardian, on publication of Furthermore (2005)
- mini-story 'The Rain' in Scottish Pen's online magazine

- interview with Jen Campbell on her blog This Is Not The Six Word Novel (2011)