Monday, 9 January 2012


In my last post of 2011, News for a New Year in Which New Things May Happen, I wrote about the recent meeting between the Society of Authors, the Writers' Guild and Equity, (three organisations representing writers & actors) and the BBC's representatives responsible for the cuts to Radio 4's short stories.

I wrote: "....Mr Davie..[is].. head of 'Audio & Music' not of Drama. "

Well, I was writing with passion (& gloom) rather than journalistically; I've just looked him up on Wikipedia - (What do you mean Wikipedia isn't always accurate?) (Stop talking to yourself rhetorically. Ed.) (Stop editing me, Ed. S.) (Both of you stop squabbling. Senior Ed.) - I see that Tim Davie's job title 'Head of Audio & Music' covers everything that BBC Radio broadcasts - ie, the whole network. 

So he is indeed responsible for the Drama output. Therefore he will surely have noticed that today's press release about the BBC Radio Drama Awards underlines my earlier point about stories or readings not being seen as part of the Drama output. There is no category for Best Reading or Best Original Story.

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