Saturday, 25 May 2013

After a week of migraine...

After a week of migraine, today - feeling at least able to get up and think a little - I wondered what had happened to the paper copy of the migraine article I wrote in 2008 for The Herald.

I've spent about 2 hours going through boxes of files (You idiot! Ed.) and wasn't able to lay hands on it (though I have located more or less every other form, article, rejection letter, script idea, proposal, thank you letter, birthday card and photograph for the last 20 years).

Before doing a physical search of boxes and files, I'd spent half an hour online trying to find a cached copy of it from The Herald's archives, but it had been deleted. (Google seems to have removed their helpful <cached> facility - when did that happen?) I'd already searched this computer, but wasn't able to find any track of the original document.

Eventually - exhausted and annoyed at my own stupidity (and you're so impatient, couldn't this have waited? Must you be obsessive? I wonder if that contributes to the condition, hm? Ed.) - I wondered when had been the last time I'd 'seen' it, or read it. I thought I'd sent it to a friend quite recently. Who? When? More searching, this time archived mail.

Ah. Yes. That's where I should have thought to look first.
My muddled thinking is possibly down to the residual effects of days of pain.

If, like me, you're a sufferer, or know someone who is, or if you're just interested in what migraine is, where it comes from, why it's so hard (for some of us, anyway) to get a diagnosis or adequate treatment for the condition.. I hope this might be useful. 

It's apparently beyond me just now to get these pages to post properly or to line up neatly.  Grr.

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